"Ecuador: Love life"

The Ambassador of Ecuador in Russia: "Eurasian Business Union" - partner of the Ecuadorian business.

Representatives of the "Eurasian Business Union" headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Board Daniil Putiatin participated in the gastronomic event "Ecuador: Love life".
Summarizing the results of the working meeting, Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Ecuador in the Russian Federation the Russian Federation, Mr. Julio césar Prado Espinosa noted that Ecuadorian entrepreneurs interested in potential cooperation and are ready to discuss its options, including the establishment of a permanent fair-trade pavilion of the Republic at the site of the Union.

The Republic of Ecuador is a leading provider in Russia of bananas (98%) and shrimp. Has a tendency to increase exports of fish and seafood, coffee, chocolate and cocoa, cut flowers. In 2017, the Russian market grew by 6-7 per cent and exceeded one billion U.S. dollars.

The event was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador in the Russian Federation and the trade representation of Ecuador in Moscow – the Institute for the promotion of exports and investments of Ecuador, PRO ECUADOR.

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