Eurasian Business Union

"Eurasian business Union" is a non — profit organization established with the aim of strengthening economic and trade cooperation between the representatives of small and medium businesses of the countries participating in ASEAN, APEC, BRICS, EEU, EU, MERCOSUR, SCO.

2016 Union commenced implementation of programs designed:
to unite food producers among small and medium business in a single network and form between them a trading commodity distribution system;

- to create favorable conditions for the expansion of the sales markets and finding end user produced by the entrepreneurs of the products in the entire Eurasian space;

- to organize cooperation, communication, trade and transport logistics chain at the level of "seller-buyer";

- strengthening of business contacts with the international business community.

The programme provides for the implementation of projects:
"INTERPROD EXPO" - a platform of permanent trade and exhibition pavilions of the 70 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and 45 countries.
"Unified system of electronic Commerce B2B" portal for rapid information exchange between producers participating in the Program.

The activities of the Union is intended to promote the economic integration of partner countries and participants of the projects of the organization to increase national wealth and quality of life of their citizens, ensure food security.









Amalgamation of manufacturers (SMEs) of the consumer goods sector.


The international cooperation establishment of business contacts with the international business community.


Creature favorable conditions for small and medium-sized manufacturers, allowing the goods to find the end user.


Integration development of the freedom of movement of goods, services and capital between business representatives on the territory of partner countries.


international companies


countries participating


the increase in trade


Russian companies


regions of the Russian Federation


the increase in the volume of foreign trade operations