High-tech permanent fairgrounds with the trade pavilions and 45 countries around the world, and 70 regions of the Russian Federation. INTERPRODEXPO permanent video exhibition organized in the largest agrarian cluster in Europe, FOOD CITY, the area of 124 Ha, a daily traffic of 150 000 people.

Each of the 115 pavilions has been specially designed and equipped to reflect the personality of their country or region. They offer samples of the goods, such as food products, and allow visitors to explore the possibilities of finding new partners, attract new customers and to develop international economic ties.

Participation in the exhibition provides opportunities to establish direct business contacts with international and regional partners. Eurasian food platform contributes to the objectives which the government outlined in the official food security policy and development strategy of the food industry.

The fairgrounds area of over 25,000 square meters with the most modern equipment for exhibitions, presentations and information support of exhibition activities, business sessions, round tables.


Integrated e-Commerce system for fast communication and transactions between platform participants, is a virtual complement to the food of the Eurasian platform. Automated procurement tool allows you to quickly perform each step of the process in online mode with every member using their own electronic signature.

Is the simple solution to purchase provides a comprehensive database of products and suppliers, and automatic statistical analysis of the offered goods and the necessary procedures. Built-in chat with simulative translation simplifies and streamlines the business processes.

Developer and project Partner of B2B Center
A leader in the field of e-Commerce on the territory of the Russian Federation for 15 years. Conducted more than 840 thousand procedures worth more than 13.5 trillion. Rubles.